A beautiful family house not far from city center and the Sassi of Matera, with the great advantage of wide reserved spaces, moments of personal relax, parking spaces for cars and bikes, all fenced by an automatic gate.
On the ground floor there is a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining room with a fireplace; a little hallway leads to the living room/Reception where there is a bedroom and a restroom.
On the first floor,lastly, there are two bright bedrooms, one with a queen-size bed and one with single beds, with one restroom.
The household was restructured in full compliance with its own historical identity and equipped with modern comforts: the guests’ stay is thus very pleasing.
It is a “historical house”, meaning it holds in itself the events of Matera from the second post-war period (1953), when the Prime Minister delivered a house and a small farm to the peasants, thus realizing a complex urban and agricultural reform plan, the most significant outcome of which is La Martella. This rural village was designed by prof. Ludovico Quaroni, and it’s advised in manuals and in many papers, such as architecture, and socio-anthropological ones as a model of social reformism.
“l’Ulivo” Holyday-House welcomes with special care everyone who wishes to approach briefly City planning and Anthropology as Matera is an open air school for such disciplines.
Families and nature lovers also can find a pleasing stay (Household can host up to 9 people).